What’s the Story Behind the Fremont Troll?

In the heart of Seattle, the Emerald City, you’ll find a troll under a bridge in the Fremont neighborhood. This 18-foot concrete statue has become an iconic landmark and a popular tourist attraction.

Although “hidden” underneath the George Washington Memorial Bridge, the Fremont Troll stands 18 feet high and took three months to create.

The Fremont Troll, also known as the Troll Under the Bridge, is a colossal public sculpture in Seattle, Wash.

What Is the Fremont Troll?

Located in the northern Seattle neighborhood of Fremont. You’ll find it in Troll’s Knoll Park off North 36th Street.

Where Is the Fremont Troll?

The land under the bridge was littered with beer cans, mattresses, and trash. The council hoped a piece of art would become the focal point instead.

Why Was the Fremont Troll Sculpted?

The idea of a troll came as a result of Nordic folklore. According to this tradition, trolls lived in isolated places like mountains or caves and were unkind to humans.

What’s the Story Behind the Troll Icon?

Scandinavian folklore continued this perception as they believed trolls were dangerous to humans. These creatures were old and strong but not very intelligent. When the sun rose, trolls turned to stone.

Over the years, people have vandalized the troll, but local activists continue to heap concrete on it to cover up the markings. So it keeps getting bigger year after year.

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