5 Reasons to Avoid Fremont Street in Vegas

All of these things capture the essence of Las Vegas, but if you’ve considered planning a trip to the famous Sin City, we suggest you avoid Fremont Street in Las Vegas. 

Enjoy the casinos, hotels, and shows along The Strip instead. Fremont Street may have history and allure, but we’ll share five reasons why you don’t want to go down to this attraction.

It’s a pedestrian-only six-block attraction that holds its own to The Strip’s bright lights and stars. You’ll find casinos, hotels, restaurants, light shows, and more along Fremont Street.

What Is Fremont Street in Vegas?

It’s Crowded Because of free entertainment, locals and tourists flock to these blocks just north of The Strip.

Reasons to Avoid Fremont Street in Vegas

Fremont Street in Las Vegas has surveillance cameras everywhere. Although this is for your safety, you may not like the feeling of someone always watching you. 

You’re Always Being Watched

Fremont Street in Vegas is notorious for its parties, cheap eats, and entertainment. If you want to avoid obnoxious, loud, and raucous behavior, we’d steer clear.

There Are Lots of Drunk People

Signs inside Binion’s Gambling Hall and Hotel explained that no one can wear anything on their clothing or have accessories that support motorcycle clubs or gang affiliations. 

There’s a “No Color” Policy

You won’t find any better casinos along Fremont Street. Visit the MGM Grand, Caesar’s Palace, Mandalay Bay, or any other big-name hotels and casinos along The Strip.

The Casinos Are Better on the Strip

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