How to Observe Flag Day in Your RV

While many RVers fly American flags over their RVs in campgrounds, few know anything about Flag Day in the USA. The Stars and Stripes symbolize freedom, unity, and democracy.

It represents the sacrifices and triumphs of the American people throughout history. So what’s the deal with Flag Day, and how can you observe it while RVing?

Fly the American Flag With so much divisiveness these days, this can be a way to remind everyone in the campground that we are the “United” States of America.

How to Observe Flag Day in Your RV

Fire up the grill, toss some burgers or hot dogs onto it, and get to know your fellow Americans around you.

Have a Cookout

Flag Day is the perfect opportunity to teach others about displaying the flag. This includes only displaying it from sunrise to sunset unless illuminated at night.

Learn About Flag Etiquette

American Flag Having a flag at your campsite can help communicate your love for your country and create a sense of patriotism in the campground. 

Items to Observe Flag Day in Your RV

Whether tailgating or camping, this aluminum flagpole will do the job. You can show your love for your country anywhere you take your RV or vehicle.

Flagpole-To-Go 20-ft Flagpole & Tire Mount

These red, white, and blue rope lights have 30-foot-long strands that connect to multiple sets to create a massive string of lights.

Patriotic Rope Lights

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