First Come First Serve Camping Tips To Always Get A Spot

Many people plan months in advance, even years, to visit a popular National Park or State Park. But maybe you’re not that type of person. If so, you’re going to love first-come first-serve camping.

Perhaps your planning consists of only knowing the state you want to see. Or perhaps you are that type of person, and your plans completely went awry.

Check out these first-come first-serve camping tips to always get a spot regardless of your planning style!

First-come first-serve sites are non-reservable sites, and you must be there in person to get one. Simply put, you get there first, you get the spot.

What Is First Come First Serve Camping? 

The most sought-after sites like this are in National Forests, State Parks, and National Parks.

Where Are First-Come First-Serve Campsites Found? 

Here’s the kicker, though. Because you decided to wing it, you now have to develop a plan to have a chance at a first-come first-serve spot.

Tips For Getting in First Come First Serve Campgrounds

If you want a shot at that campsite, arrive earlier than you think necessary. This also means that you need to know the campground you plan on staying at.

1. Arrive Early

Mondays and Tuesdays are also good days to consider trying to snag a first-come, first-serve site. 

2. Weekdays Are Easier than Weekends To Snag a First-Come First- Serve Camping Site

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