Stop Believing There Are Feral People in National Parks

Recently, we’ve seen an increase in stories about feral people in national parks. We can thank TikTok and other social media channels for circulating these tales.

Unfortunately, many people become very gullible when they read or see something on the internet. So, it may be time to stop believing that there are feral people in national parks.

The term “feral” is often used to reference something or someone considered “wild.” As a result, feral people spend most of their lives isolated from human contact living in the wild.

Despite the viral videos you may see circulating the internet, there’s no evidence of feral people in national parks.

Are There Feral People in National Parks?

The National Park Service (NPS) frequently issues warnings based on unsafe conditions for weather and animals. It has never issued any warnings for feral people at any of the over 400 national park units.

Safety is essential when visiting a county, state, or national park. You can quickly find yourself in a dangerous situation if you don’t value your safety.

Safety Tips for Visiting National Parks

Take the time to read up on any parks you plan to visit and know the areas you should avoid.

Do Your Research

If you encounter wildlife, no matter what kind of wildlife it is, you should keep your distance. You should never approach or attempt to feed any wildlife.

Stay Away From Wildlife

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