Everything You Need to Know About Calaveras Lake

Formed in 1969, Calaveras Lake has been a popular destination for those seeking a little water-side rest and relaxation.

Though originally created to serve as a cooling lake for the nearby Calaveras Power Station, the lake is now used as a recreation spot for locals and tourists.

It has several different species of fish, and it’s a great boating and fishing spot.

Calaveras Lake is about 20 miles outside of San Antonio. 

Where Is Calaveras Lake?

As you decide whether or not Calaveras Lake could be a destination for you, it’s important to note that swimming is allowed and encouraged in Calaveras Lake.

Can You Swim in Calaveras Lake?

Though Calaveras Lake allows swimming and is a great place to spend a day off, it’s a good idea to be mindful of the wildlife within the lake.

Does Calaveras Lake Have Alligators?

For visitors aged 16 to 65, the cost of entry is $9. For adult visitors above the age of 65 and children ages 6 to 15, the cost is $7.

How Much Does It Cost to Get In Calaveras Lake?

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