Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Breaking Bad RV

Recreational vehicles carry a certain mystique about them, especially for those who dream of escaping the daily grind and hitting the road. 

This is certainly true for the Fleetwood Bounder that had a cameo in the first 34 episodes of Breaking Bad, although the adventures this RV took his owner on were somewhat sketchy.

From a camping vehicle to a mobile meth lab, the rig made its mark on the series and its viewers. Many still ask, “Whatever happened to The Krystal Ship?” Well, let’s find out!

It documented a fictional high school science teacher who found a way to increase his income (and heighten his sense of danger) by creating and selling drugs.

What is ‘Breaking Bad’?

“The Krystal Ship” was a Class A recreational vehicle by Fleetwood RV. The model was a 1986 Bounder, which was 30’ in length. 

What Type Of RV Was Used in Breaking Bad? 

Fleetwood RV, a subsidiary of the Rev Group, has been in the recreational vehicle business for more than 70 years.

About the Fleetwood Bounder RV Line

The original Krystal Ship was not destroyed at the junkyard, as was depicted in the series. 

Does the Breaking Bad RV Still Exist?

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