Is the New Thousand Trails Escape Membership Worth It?

Recently, the company added a new level to its membership offerings. The Thousand Trails Escape membership is similar to the Camping Pass but much less expensive than the Elite Basic.

It bridges the gap between those who camp infrequently and those who travel full-time. Let’s dive in and learn more about this new option!

Thousand Trails is a lifetime campground membership with locations throughout the United States and British Columbia. Multiple membership levels offer varying benefits.

What Is Thousand Trails?

Although new locations are continually added, you can stay at about 80 campgrounds within the system. With the Trails Collection add-on, members have access to over 200 campgrounds.

How Many Thousand Trails Locations Are in the US?

The most popular Thousand Trails membership is the Camping Pass. This is ideal for weekend warriors who camp often but don’t need all the benefits of a higher-level membership.

What Is the Thousand Trails Camping Pass?

The new Thousand Trails Escape membership is very similar to the Camping Pass. Members get access to a zone, with the option for adding other zones, and can stay for free up to 14 nights.

What Is the Thousand Trails Escape Membership?

Elite Basic The Elite Basic costs around $7,995. You can travel from zone to zone and park to park without any time out of the system.

What Are the Other Membership Levels of Thousand Trails?

The Elite Connections is one step above the Elite Basic and costs about $10,345. The most significant difference between these two membership levels is the booking window.

Elite Connections

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