5 Reasons to Avoid Duval Street in Key West

If you plan to visit any time soon, you might feel lured into visiting the popular Duval Street in Key West. 

Even though it has all kinds of entertainment venues, vendors, and photo ops, we’re here to tell you that you might want to avoid it altogether. Duval Street Key West can be raucous, crowded, and way too touristy.

Duval Street, located in Key West, Florida, runs about 1.25 miles through downtown. You’ll find beautiful Victorian mansions and cute cottage bungalows.

Where Is Duval Street?

It’s a Tourist Trap Vendors and shop owners sell cheap t-shirts, souvenir trinkets, and memorabilia to lure tourists into their establishments.

Reasons to Avoid Duval Sreet, Key West

You’ll pass plenty of people who have had too much to drink during the daytime hours. You’ll hear raucous crowds even at lunchtime.

The Partying Never Stops

Whether it’s taxis, pedicabs, or bicycles, the streets and sidewalks pack full of people year-round.

It’s Crowded

If you travel with kids, you likely won’t find many places to get an ice cream sundae or relax and listen to beach music after 9 p.m.

Many Establishments Are Adult-Only After 9 p.m.

Duval Street in Key West has many dining and shopping options, but you’ll find more local flavors and authentic cuisine a few blocks away.

Better Food and Better Prices Are Blocks Away

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