Is It Safe to Drive Your RV in Mexico?

There are some unbelievable spots to drive your RV in the United States. However, we’re seeing many travelers heading south of the border to Mexico with their RVs.

Mexico has been in the news over the past couple of years and earned the reputation for being unsafe. But is it safe to drive your RV in Mexico?

We’ll examine whether you should consider adding Mexico as a destination to your RV bucket list. Let’s get started!

RVing is a popular way for travelers to experience Mexico, especially the Pacific Coast of Mexico and the Baja California peninsula.

Do People RV in Mexico?

It may surprise you that RV parks are becoming increasingly popular in Mexico. You’ll find everything from minimalist campsites on the beach to full-fledged, luxury RV parks.

Does Mexico Have RV Parks?

Driving your RV in Mexico, like anywhere else, can be both safe and unsafe. Some locations in Mexico have a reputation for experiencing higher amounts of crime.

Is It Safe to Drive Your RV in Mexico?

It’s a good idea to check out the Department of State’s travel warnings for Mexico before planning your route.

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