Don’t Waste Your Time in Allegheny National Forest

Allegheny National Forest is a beautiful piece of nature in Pennsylvania. It encompasses all that a nature lover could want, including lakes, rivers, trees, rocks, and wildlife.

Allegheny is not a place to waste your time but a destination to savor and enjoy. 

We’ve put together a guide so you can make the most of your trip. Keep ready to learn tips for your visit.

Allegheny National Forest is in northwestern Pennsylvania. It also happens to be the state’s only National Forest. 

Where Is Allegheny National Forest? 

To help you make your to-do list, we’re sharing our six favorite things to do in Allegheny National Forest.

Best Things to Do in Allegheny National Forest 

It provides incredible 360-degree panoramic views of the forest. For those without a fear of heights, you’ll find a section with a glass floor at the end.

Take the Kinzua Skywalk

On the drive, you’ll see the Allegheny Reservoir, which sits along the Allegheny River. The water and foliage throughout the forest are gorgeous year-round.

Drive the Longhouse National Scenic Byway

The Eldred World War II Museum in Eldred, Pa., is an educational stop in the National Forest.

Visit the Interactive Eldred World War II Museum 

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