Don’t Break These Unspoken RV Dump Station Rules

If you’re boondocking outside Arches National Park for a few days, you’ll need to search for an RV dump station before setting out on your next destination. It’s part of the dry camping experience.

Knowing where to find these locations and how to use them properly will help make this essential task quick and simple.

Before you head over to a communal dump station, here are a few rules that all RVers should follow that might not be on a sign. Let’s take a look!

Before you do anything, sanitize the water spigot. You don’t know if the user before you adhered to the same etiquette as you. 

Sanitize the Water Spigot 


Make sure your hose connections are tight and secure before emptying the tanks. If you spill at a community dump station, you’ll contaminate the area.

Check Your Hose Connections 


Always dump your black tank first. The gray tank water will flush out your sewer hose and rinse the connection to the ground at the dump station site. 

Dump Your Tanks in the Correct Order


If there isn’t someone in line, someone might be pulling in soon. So avoid flushing if possible and save this for the next time you’re at an entire hookup site.

Avoid Flushing When Possible 


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