How Do You Survive the Death Wobble?

Consider yourself lucky if you’ve never experienced the death wobble. It’s enough to scare the daylights out of the most experienced drivers on the road.

Getting caught off guard by it can be a dangerous and panic-inducing experience you want to avoid.

So what is the death wobble, and how do you survive it? Let’s take a look!

It occurs in various vehicles, resulting in a violently shaking steering wheel. Your vehicle will eventually shake to the point where you’ll think it’s about to fall apart.

What Is the Death Wobble?

Result of faulty suspension and steering components. Some common causes include the steering dampener, tire pressure, tire balance, and a vehicle that’s out of alignment.

What Causes the Death Wobble?

Luckily, the death wobble is fixable. Unfortunately, it’s likely not going to be something you can or should attempt to repair yourself.

Can the Death Wobble Be Fixed?

Almost every Jeep or 4×4 truck seems to have some history with the death wobble. Some vehicle manufacturers are better than others.

What Vehicles Have the Death Wobble?

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