Cruise Ship Terms Everyone Should Know

There may be many  first-time cruisers boarding ships today. If you’re one of them, you should know some specific cruise ship terms before hopping aboard.

Today, we will help you get familiar with these terms. This way, you’ll know what they mean when you hear them during your sailing adventures.

A port is like an airport for the cruise line. Various types of ships and boats constantly come and go. During a cruise, most ships will stop at a couple of ports.


Starboard refers to the right side of the boat when you’re facing forward. This is a nautical term used across various vessels, including cruise ships. It helps eliminate and reduce communication errors.


They’re referring to the front or forward section of the ship. This is typically a pointed or curved section that cuts through the water to help the vessel navigate efficiently.


The stern refers to a vessel’s rear or aft section. This is generally where the propulsion system sits. You’ll not likely see these components when cruising, but you’ll see and feel their effects.


It refers to the horizontal platform or level across a ship’s structure. Each deck offers its own unique variety of experiences and amenities for passengers.


If you imagine a cruise ship as a hotel, your cabin would be your hotel room. These come in various shapes and sizes, significantly impacting the cruise’s cost.


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