Who Makes Cortes Campers?

You might have seen the iconic silver bullet of an Airstream or perhaps a vintage-looking Casita with its white molded fiberglass egg-shaped exterior.

Certain travel trailers inspire adventure and exploration and stir pride in the American soul. Cortes Camper is a company hoping to join the ranks and create a camper that outlasts all the others.

Cortes Campers use marine materials to create lightweight, durable, and stronger travel trailers. Currently, the Corte 17 camper is the only model in production. But the company has more patents pending.

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US Lighting Group, Inc. (USLG) has four subsidiaries: Fusion X Marine, Futuro Houses, RVTronix, and Cortes Campers.

Who Makes Cortes Campers?

Fusion X manufactures boats, and Futuro Houses manufactures fiberglass houses. RVTronix is just being developed but will produce appliances and accessories for recreational vehicles. 

Cortes Campers are manufactured in Cleveland, but the company has dealers in 14 states and Quebec, Canada.

Where Are Cortes Campers Manufactured?

Source: Cortes Campers

The high-end components and materials of Cortes Campers make them stand out from other travel trailer manufacturers.

What Makes Cortes Campers Unique?

The Cortes 17 is the only model currently available from Cortes Campers. This marine-grade travel trailer costs $59,500 and includes a seating area, a wet bath, and a full kitchen.

About the Cortes 17 Model

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Source: Cortes Campers