Campground Owner Shares the Most Commonly Seen RV Issue

Some campground owners have been around the block enough times to see almost everything related to RVs. If you can chat with one, they can be a wealth of information.

We recently saw a video on Facebook from a content creator interviewing the owner of a local campground. In the video, they reveal the most common issue they see with RVs in their campground.

Steve Puvalowski is a certified RV inspector and technician. He and his wife, Erika, are full-time RVers who create videos and content to educate others about RVing.

Mobile RV Tech Services Interviews Campground Owner

They roll into the campground on a hot day and plug in their rig. Shortly after they start setting up camp, the breaker will trip.

Owner States Power Problems Are Common With 30 Amp RVs

He shares that this typically occurs because the RV pulls up to 37 amps on a 30-amp breaker. It can handle it for a decent amount of time, but it’ll eventually throw in the towel and pop the breaker.

A 30-amp RV can use up to 3,600 watts, while a 50-amp gives you up to 12,000 watts. As you can see, these are very different numbers.

What’s the Difference Between a 30 Amp and 50 Amp RV?

If you have a 30-amp RV, it’ll require you to manage your power usage. You’ll have to choose between running your air conditioner or microwave while running your refrigerator.

How Many Appliances Can a 30 Amp RV Run?

Microwaves and air conditioners require a tremendous amount of energy. An RV air conditioner can use upwards of 2,400 watts, 66% of your available electrical capacity. This can make preparing meals challenging.

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