Coldest States in the US You Won’t Want to Visit in the Winter

You’re probably familiar with the term “snowbirds,” the people who travel south for the winter to escape the harsh winters up north.

Let’s look at 10 of the coldest states to better understand why you don’t want to plan a visit during the winter.

If you want to visit Alaska, it’s best to avoid the long, frigid winter season. June, July, and August are the best months to visit the Last Frontier.


Even though there are plenty of winter recreational activities in North Dakota, if you want to avoid frigid temperatures, don’t make plans to visit after November or before March.

North Dakota

The daily highs are still below freezing in January. The sun is only visible half of the month, and each day only gets about four hours of sunshine.


Because Minnesota is so close to Lake Superior, the winters are cold, icy, and windy. Like South Dakota, Minnesota is prone to blizzards.


Like Maine, Wyoming sees only a few hours of sunlight during winter. It’s best to save your vacation for mid-summer or early fall to avoid the extreme temperatures of the Equality State.


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