7 Cheapest Class B RVs You Can Buy New

You can find plenty of high-quality vehicles on the market ready to take you on exciting adventures. However, finding the perfect vehicle for your needs and budget can be challenging.

Today, we’ll explore seven of the cheapest Class B RVs you can buy new and see which fits you best. Let’s explore!

Class B RVs are the smallest motorized and self-contained recreational vehicles. They typically offer all the basic amenities for living on the road.

What Is a Class B RV?

If you want a new Class B RV, you can expect to pay anywhere from $90,000 to over $200,000. 

How Much Do Class B RVs Cost?

Pleasure-Way Tofino Tough and capable Class B RV. The minimalistic design makes the space seem spacious but still provides everything you need to live comfortably during your adventures. 

Cheapest Class B RVs

It has many features that provide a very residential look and feel. You’ll feel right at home with a rear wet bath, a pull-out bed, and residential vinyl flooring.

Thor Motor Coach Rize 18M 

A spacious Class B that offers a rear bedroom space with a convertible twin bed. You can combine the two into one mega-bed if you want a larger space. 

Leisure Travel Wonder 24RTB

The Jayco Swift doesn’t hold back when it comes to the features it offers. Jayco showed off its skills at maximizing the design to spotlight the kitchen, bath, and storage options. 

Jayco Swift

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