Take Your Family to Cedar Beach Park in PA

If you’re looking for a gorgeous, remote break from the highway, you may want to steer toward Cedar Beach Park.

This inviting city park in Pennsylvania offers many memorable views of a pretty mountain valley. The locals love this place, and so do people who stop for a visit and swear they’ll return.

Cedar Beach Park, which people also know as Cedar Creek Park, is in metro Allentown. It is in the Lehigh Valley of eastern Pennsylvania.

Where Is Cedar Beach Park?

Originally Northampton, Allentown began in 1762, and the government incorporated it in 1867. The canal and railroad construction led to enormous industrial growth, including steel mills.

About Allentown, Pennsylvania

Cedar Beach Park is part of a sprawling complex of Cedar Creek Parkway, covering nearly 200 acres, including Lake Muhlenberg. It’s one of 20 parks in the city.

How Many Parks Are Operated By the City of Allentown?

If the park’s name conjures images of shimmering white sands and raging surf, you may be disappointed. The lakefront areas are grassy and ideal for relaxing.

Is There a Beach At Cedar Beach Park?

Hiking is one of the most popular activities at Cedar Beach Park, and you don’t have to be an expert. There are 2.3 miles of multi-use trails.

Can I Hike At Cedar Beach Park?

The park has tennis courts and multiple fields for soccer, baseball, and softball. There is also a wetlands area popular with birdwatchers.

What Family-Friendly Activities Are At the Park?

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