Canadian Slang to Know Before You Cross the Border

If you want to take a trip to Canada in the future, you may need to learn a few things. Knowing a few of the most common words can help you avoid confusion.

We’ll look at some of the most common slang used by Canadians. If you use them now and then, you’ll fit right in during your adventure.

Canadian slang is the vocabulary and jargon used throughout Canada. These unique terms get commonly used in everyday language.

What Is Canadian Slang?

A famous piece of Canadian slang is the term ‘eh.’ You often see or hear this term used overly dramatically in entertainment as a stereotype.

Do Canadians Really Say ‘Eh’?

Once you get to know a bit more about Canadian culture, many of the slang terms make sense. So let’s look at some Canadian Slang you should know before crossing the border.

Canadian Slang to Know Before You Cross the Border

Loonie and toonie refer to the country’s one-dollar and two-dollar coins. A loonie is the coin equivalent of $1, and a toonie is $2.

Loonie and Toonie

Remember, Canada has harsh winters, and you’ll want to stay warm. A “toque” refers to a knitted winter hat. These are similar to the beanie-style hats many wear to warm their heads.


Just like Americans, Canadians love their coffee. However, while Americans are obsessed with Starbucks, Canadians love Tim Hortons. “Timmies” is a nickname for this popular chain.


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