How Many National Parks Are in Canada?

The world’s first national parks service was the Canadian Dominion Parks Branch, established in 1911. 

Today, Parks Canada, a government agency that evolved from the earlier Dominion Parks Branch, administers the national parks in the country.

The Canada National Parks System has grown to include 37 national parks and 10 national park reserves, protecting over 129,000 square miles of Canada’s land.

How Many National Parks Are In Canada?

The United States has specific sites designated as national parks and other sites designated as national parks and preserves.

What’s the Difference Between a Canada National Park and a Canada National Reserve?

In 1998, Parliament made Parks Canada, a branch within the government, a separate agency. 

Who Manages Canada’s National Parks?

You can go RV, tent, cabin, group camping, overnight mooring, and more at select locations. 

Is Camping Allowed in Canadian National Parks?

Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest and most visited. The beautiful setting of the Rocky Mountains glistens with glaciers and ice fields.

What’s the Most-Visited National Park in Canada?

Many Americans love visiting Banff just as much as Yellowstone or Glacier National Park.

What Canadian National Parks Are Near the United States?

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