Can You Stealth Camp in a Truck Camper?

Campground costs have continued to rise. If you are traveling through a location in your truck camper, it can be frustrating when you have no need for the amenities of a campground.

You could be in the city at the end of the day and don’t want to travel to the suburbs to your campground.

There’s more to see and do right where you are, but how can you catch some sleep and continue your sightseeing in the morning? You need a crash course in stealth camping!

Anytime you can sleep in a vehicle without being noticed, you are stealth camping. This requires some effort, however. 

What is Stealth Camping?

It is legal to sleep in a truck bed so long as the parking spot you occupy allows overnight parking. 

Is Stealth Camping in a Truck Bed Camper Legal?

A truck camper or a truck bed can make a good stealth camper, but with one caveat. 

Can You Stealth Camp in a Truck Camper?

If you want to prepare for stealth camping, there are several actions you can take.

Best Stealth Camping Tips for a Truck Bed Camper

Google maps is full of helpful information for all types of travel. 

1. Use Google Satellite View To Find Good Stealth Camping Locations

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