Can You Put a Ceiling Fan in  an RV?

An RV ceiling fan comes in handy to keep air flowing, keep moisture accumulation at bay, and help tackle the heat.

But what if your RV doesn’t have one? Some RVs come with RV ceiling fans, but even if yours doesn’t you can simply install one.

If you don’t have one installed, stick with me. We’ll explore what types of fans work in an RV and what to think about before purchasing one.

Yes, you can put a ceiling fan in an RV. You can find RV-specific ones or use any residential ceiling fan even those from the big-box store.

Can You Put a Ceiling Fan in an RV? 

Your RV’s electrical system has an AC 120V system and a DC 12V system. Appliances and outlets that run off 120V will only work when connected to an electrical post.

Why You Want a 12V Fan in an RV

Aside from the power source, there are some other things you’ll need to consider before buying an RV ceiling fan.

Things to Consider When Choosing an RV Ceiling Fan

Consider the size of your space before buying an RV ceiling fan. Do you have a larger open space that would benefit from a larger-blade ceiling fan?


Weight is everything when it comes to RV life. Some RVs have little cargo-carrying capacity. 


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