Can You Drink Alcohol in a Moving RV?

Part of camping is relaxing around the campfire and cracking open a beer. 

But what about enjoying a drink or two while you’re still on the road? Is drinking alcohol in a moving RV legal?

If you like to enjoy a refreshing alcoholic drink while camping, you will want to understand how open container laws might apply to you.

Laws regarding drinking alcohol in moving RVs vary from state to state, the type of RV, and where you consume it inside. 

Can You Drink Alcohol in a Moving RV? 

In Florida and Louisiana, the length of your RV determines how it is classed for open containers.

Does the RV’s Size Matter for Drinking Laws? 

In a motorhome, the open container can’t be in reach of the driver. While Towable RVs are regarded similarly to trucks.

Drinking Laws for Motorized vs. Towable RVs 

Yes, RVs are classed similarly to “hired cars,” such as taxis and limos in many states. 

Can You Carry Open Alcohol in a Moving RV? 

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