5 Mistakes People Make When Using the Campground Shower

Campground showers are often readily available and can make it easy for campers to wash off dirt, sweat, and anything clinging to them from nature.

However, there are handful of common mistakes people make when using the campground shower. We’ll walk you through these mistakes and how to avoid them so you can stay clean and fresh while camping.

What Are Campground Showers?

These facilities benefit tent campers and those camping in smaller RVs that may not have a full bathroom. They’re a great way to get clean and stay fresh while in nature.

If you have to use a campground shower, you must ensure you do it correctly.

5 Mistakes People Make When Using the Campground Shower

You should wear shower shoes anytime you use a public shower. They can help you avoid walking barefoot on surfaces that may or may not have been thoroughly cleaned recently.

Not Wearing Shower Shoes

If you want to avoid crowds, shower as early as you can. Instead of showering after dinner, have as many of your campers shower while dinner is cooking.

Showering During Peak Times

Leaving items behind after you finish showering is wasteful. Typically, the cleaning staff will chuck it into the trash the next time they clean the facilities.

Leaving Items Behind

A line can develop during the evening hours, and you don’t want to cause others to wait longer than necessary.

Taking Too Long

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