Campground Operators in This State Could Receive Legal Immunity From Lawsuits

Camping has recently gained popularity and, as a result, campgrounds have heavier usage. Unfortunately, not everyone’s camping trips go as planned, and injuries can occur.

But who is responsible for those injuries? Can you sue a campground if you get injured on their property?

A couple of legislative bills in the Sunshine State aim to provide campground operators with legal immunity from lawsuits. Is this a good or bad idea? Let’s find out.

A campground could be responsible for injuries if a camper can prove the campground has been negligent with maintenance, failed to warn them, or did not provide adequate security.

Are Campgrounds Responsible for Injuries?

Florida’s House Bill 1323 revolves around “private campground liability.”

What Is Florida’s HB 1323?

The Private Campground Liability law offers civil liability protection to private campground owners and certain employees in the event of injury or death caused by the inherent risks of camping.

The law mandates that private campground operators provide notice of the inherent risks and include this notice in written contracts.

Additionally, to qualify for immunity under the law, private campground operators must comply with specific requirements to qualify.

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