The Funniest RV and Camper Van Jokes

The best jokes are those that are told tongue-n-cheek, without malice. And thank goodness RVers are also great at laughing at themselves.

You’ll find an endless supply of camper van jokes because of all the humorous mishaps when camping.

In our list, you’ll find a small selection of cartoons, knock-knock jokes, puns, and more that will undoubtedly tickle your funny bone.

You think the capital of the United States is Elkhart, Indiana. “Roughing it” is a site with only water and electric. You’ve watched the movie “RV” in your RV.

You Might Be an RVer If:


Question: What do you call a camper van driving through frozen rain? Answer: Van Hailin’

Rock & Roll


Question: What’s a pirate’s favorite way to travel? Answer: ARRRRRRR-V!

Pirates Travel Too!


— “Knock, knock!” — “Who’s there?” — “RV.” — “RV, who?” — “RV there yet?”

Knock Knock


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