Camper Bunk Sheets For Those Oddly Shaped Spaces

Have you tried making a bunk bed in a camper? It could be an Olympic sport! Instead of wrestling with oddly-shaped spaces, we’ll reveal camper bunk sheets that genuinely fit.

Camper bunk beds come in varying sizes. They range from standard twin beds to double beds and shorter than regular-sized mattresses.

Do You Need Special Sheets for Camper Bunk Beds?

Camper manufacturers also tend to put bunk beds in oddly-shaped areas of the travel trailer. Making up the beds can be a challenge. So, you often need specially-sized camper bunk sheets.

The most common mattress sizes in camper bunks are 28 inches by 75 inches, 30 inches by 75 inches, and 30 inches by 80 inches.

What Size Of Sheets Fit a Bunk Bed in a Camper?

Camco RV Bed Sheet Set for RV Bunk-Sized Beds It includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and one pillowcase. The fitted sheet is 38 by 77 inches. 

Camper Bunk Sheets You’ll Actually Love

The set has a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases. The fitted sheet dimensions are 34 inches by 75 inches for a mattress up to 14 inches high.

Thomas Payne Microfiber RV 4-Piece Bed Sheet Set

The IDEAhome Jersey Knit Cot Sheet Set has a  75-inch by 33-inch fitted sheet with an eight-inch elasticized pocket. It also comes with one pillowcase.

IDEAhome Jersey Knit Cot Sheet Set

The fitted sheet is for mattresses up to 10 inches high. It is 28 inches wide by 72 inches long with a snug fit as it stretches. In addition, the sheet comes with a 90-day warranty.

Soft Stretch Jersey Knit RV Bunk Sheet

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