How to Get Rid of Brown Stink Bugs

You should consider yourself lucky if you’ve never encountered a brown stink bug. Not only are they annoying, but their odor is also pretty terrible.

These pesky insects can get themselves just about anywhere. And when there’s one, there’s sure to be more that join them soon. Today, we’re sharing how you can eliminate brown stink bugs and their stench from your life.

Wear gloves or a napkin or tissue to avoid getting their stench on your hands. This can be time-consuming, especially if you have a more extensive infestation.

Remove Them As You Find Them

Simply removing all of the critters won’t work well enough. You need to prevent them from coming back in the future. Find where or how they enter your space and seal the entry points.

Seal All Entry Points

We recommend regularly inspecting window screens for any potential issues. If you discover an issue, address it immediately.

Check Window Screens

Using an insecticide three or four times a year can help you create a formidable defense against stink bugs and other insects.

Use an Insecticide

Instead of leaving a light on continuously, consider investing in motion-detecting lights. This will reduce the chances of attracting insects and help reduce your monthly utility bill.

Decrease Lighting

All you need to do is fill a metal pan with a soap-water mixture. Place the pan under a light and let it work its magic.

Try a DIY Trap

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