Boondockers Beware: Sand Can Suck You In

Some of our favorite childhood memories involved sand. Does a trip to the beach even count if you didn’t build a sand castle? However, now that we’re adults, our affinity for sand isn’t quite the same.

We’ve developed a love for boondocking, especially out west. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful while boondocking, you and your RV could get stuck in the sand.

Boondocking is a unique type of camping that typically takes place in RVs in remote, undeveloped areas.

What Is Boondocking?

Many boondockers don’t spend the time to research an area or how to access it and may find themselves driving through sand.

How Do Boondockers Get Stuck in Sand?

It is possible to drive an RV on sand without getting stuck, but it requires a combination of skill, equipment, and preparation.

Can You Drive an RV on Sand Without Getting Stuck?

Lay off the Gas Put your vehicle in park and get out to evaluate the situation. You can save yourself a tremendous amount of frustration by doing this.

How to Get an RV out of Sand

Start Digging The goal of your digging should be to create a path for the RV to move forward. Take your time while digging, and don’t try to rush it.

Create Traction One of the best ways to quickly do this is to let some air out of your tires.

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