Everything You Need to Know About BLM Boondocking

Bureau Land Management (BLM) lands offer an incredible opportunity for free RV parking in some spectacular places, but it’s also our responsibility to protect these special places by following a few rules.

While the BLM offers some guidelines for boondocking, we’ve got a few common courtesies of our own to add. Read on to learn more!

Boondocking is dry camping. But dry camping isn’t always boondocking. You can dry camp in a state park by booking a reservation for an individual site and staying overnight without any hookups.

What Is Boondocking?

The Bureau of Land Management’s mission is “to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations.”

What Is the Bureau of Land Management?

It’s not always free to camp on BLM land. In fact, there are BLM campgrounds in some locations that require a fee.

Is It Free To Camp on BLM Land?

Be a Good Neighbor Most BLM boondocking is a first come first served situation when choosing a place to camp. If they got there first, don’t pull up in front of them and block their view.

BLM Boondocking Rules You Shouldn’t Break

This rule serves the purpose of preventing damage to sensitive resources caused by continuous use of any one particular area.

Obey Stay Limits

Dry camping means you won’t have hookups, and it’s never ok to dump your tanks on the ground (grey or black). Don’t dump anything, for that matter- refuse, hazardous materials, sewage.

Don’t Dump Your Tanks on the Ground

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