Best RV Thermostats Recommended by Actual RVers

Agreeing with family members on the best temperature settings for your RV might be challenging, but deciding on the perfect RV thermostat doesn’t have to be.

But looking at the vast differences in cost and function can be confusing. With this helpful guide, we’ll help you decide what style thermostat will best fit your needs.

Analog Analog thermostats typically have sliders or a turn knob. You use the sliders or knob to adjust the temperature up and down based on your preferences. 

Types of RV Thermostats

These are easy-to-read devices that give you a digital readout of the current temperature and let you see the temperature setting on display. 


Micro Air Easy Touch RV Thermostat This digital RV thermostat is both wifi and Bluetooth-enabled. You can remotely adjust the temperature via a free phone app.

The Best RV Thermostat

With the Dometic analog thermostat, you can adjust your temperature settings by sliding the controls up or down. You can easily use the switch to turn the fan and A/C unit on and off.

Dometic Analog Thermostat

It has 12 buttons, making the controls simple and clear. It has a blue light display so you can easily see your settings day or night. 

Digital Dometic Duo-Therm RV Thermostat

It gives you an easy-to-read digital display for the temperature settings. It’ll show you the current room temperature and any adjustments you make.

Coleman Digital RV Thermostat

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