The Best National Parks to Visit in the Winter

The best national parks to visit in the winter are the ones in the southern half of the United States.

Different regions of the country feature various climates that make it possible to visit some in the winter. And some areas might surprise you.

We put together this list of national parks to help you plan and prepare for your trip during colder months. Let’s jump right in.

Many of the parks we’ll explore here still get beautiful dustings of snow that enhance the park’s beauty. 

Why You Should Visit National Parks in the Winter 

Mount Rainier National Park consistently ranks as one of the snowiest national parks, averaging anywhere from 50-90 feet in snowfall yearly.

Which National Park Has the Most Snow?

Visiting this park in the winter means you’ll experience milder weather. In summer, temps can be scorchingly humid with extra bugs. 

National Parks to Visit in the Winter

Dry Tortugas National Park

Tucson is a snowbird’s mecca because of warm and sunny winter days with cool, crisp evenings. Saguaro National Park makes one of the best ones to visit in the winter.

Saguaro National Park

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