What Does Being ‘Bear Aware’ Mean?

Encountering wildlife while exploring nature can be an incredible and humbling experience. However, in certain parts of the country, you must constantly remain bear aware.

Today, we’re unpacking what the term ‘bear aware’ means and how to stay safe during outdoor adventures. Let’s get started!

Regarding bears, almost every state, except Hawaii, has had some bear presence. However, sightings are rare for a handful of states throughout the Midwest.

Where Do Bears Live?

Like any wild animal, there’s a certain level of danger during encounters in their natural habitat. These creatures can behave very unpredictably, and the level of risk depends on the situation.

Are Bears Dangerous?

Being ‘bear aware’ means understanding their behavior, where they live, and basic safety precautions.

What Does Being ‘Bear Aware’ Mean?

Make Noise The best way to avoid surprising these large creatures is to make noise. Many hikers use hiking bells to constantly create noise while they explore the great outdoors.

Tips for Being Bear Aware

Sticking together minimizes surprise encounters with these hairy and powerful beasts. You’re likely to maintain conversations with each other and naturally make noise.

Travel in Groups

Carrying bear spray is a good idea whenever you enter areas frequented by bears. However, these encounters can happen quickly. As a result, you need to store bear spray somewhere that is easily accessible.

Carry Bear Spray

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