Baja Camping for Beginners

If you have never camped in Baja, you haven’t been camping. Picture this: A night under the star-lit sky as you perched on the cliffs, with the waves crashing below you.

There’s nothing but the open road, taco street stands, and fresh food markets beckoning you along the journey through Baja. But maybe you’re a bit intimidated when camping in foreign places.

No worries! We have all the information you need to camp in Baja.

Baja camping is some of the best on the planet. Baja California is a long stretch of land in Mexico, south of California extending into the Pacific Ocean.

About Baja Camping

Safety is never guaranteed. Yes, some areas are safer than others, but accidents and crime can happen anywhere. The same holds when camping in Baja.

Is Baja Safe for Camping? 

When traveling in Baja, know where you’re going in advance. Schedule your campsites whenever possible and ensure someone knows where you will be.

You cannot. Like the U.S., there are rules against street camping depending on where you are. There are also rules for how long you can stay. 

Can You Camp Anywhere In Baja?

There are policies for how to behave. Baja may be an adventure into the unknown, but there are regulations to follow, and officials expect you to respect the land.

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