Are Yamaha Generators Good for Camping?

About Yamaha

From instruments to electronic gear and audio equipment, Yamaha has been at the forefront of innovation in many areas. It was not surprising when they ventured into outdoor sporting.

Conventional Generators vs. Inverter Generators

Converter generators are robust gas-powered machines, that provide energy to run the equipment. They get their power from the generator’s alternator, but it can fluctuate. 

Converter Generators

An inverter generator runs power through an inverter. This changes it to AC electricity and produces ‘clean’ energy with a pure sine wave.

Inverter Generators

Is Yamaha Still Making Generators?

Yamaha is still cranking out generator inverters from Japan. They also have several models in their manufacturing lines in China. 

Yamaha Generators Are Great for Camping

With its Smart Throttle technology, quiet footprint, and gas-sipping ways, Yamaha generators have become the favorite power machine for RVers. They rival any built-in motorhome generator. They are portable, making them useful at home and abroad.


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