Who Owns Airstream RV?

You’ve seen those iconic silver bullets going down the highway. Airstream RV has been around so long that it’s become a part of American history.

These trailers are as “American” as McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. But who owns Airstream RV? Let’s take a closer look at this one-of-a-kind company.

In the 1930s, the travel trailer industry exploded. By the time World War II started, there were around 400 manufacturers. However, wartime took a toll on most of them. Airstream RV was the only company that remained.

The History of Airstream RV

After he suffered a heart attack, Wally began preparing for retirement. In 1957 he turned over Airstream RV to Andy Charles in Ohio and Art Costello in California.

Who Owns Airstream RV?

After the purchase of Airstream in 1980, Thor Industries acquired the Canadian company General Coach in 1982. Today, Thor Industries is an RV empire as the world’s largest manufacturer of recreational vehicles.

About Thor Industries

Airstream RV manufactures nine travel trailers and six touring coaches. Some are suitable for a family, while others are better for overlanders. 

What Types of RVs Does Airstream Manufacture Today?

The largest and most expensive line is the Classic travel trailer. One floorplan measures 30 feet long, while the other is 33 feet.

Travel Trailers

Airstream RV has five touring coaches built on the Sprinter chassis and one unit built on the RAM ProMaster chassis. The most expensive option, the Atlas, is 24 feet long and features a Murphy bed that pulls down over a three-seater sofa.

Touring Coaches

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