Why Did Airstream Stop Making the Nest?

Airstream has made a name for itself with its iconic aluminum RVs and campers, but a good business model is adaptable. The Nest was the company’s attempt at reformation. 

However, less than three years after the Nest’s introduction, Airstream ended production.

It seemed like the Nest would be the next big thing, so why would they stop manufacturing the model so quickly after launch?

The company needed a solid starting point for their long-awaited crossover adventure, and the Nest was the right player for the game.

What Is the Airstream Nest? 

A fiberglass twist on the sleek bullet design of the well-known aluminum Airstream models. It has a distinctly European flair in interior and exterior design.

About the Airstream Nest

The Airstream Nest was first produced around 2018, and the company only produced the unit for a little over two years. By 2021, the Nest phased out.

What Years Was Airstream Nest Made?

Forums and YouTube reviews of the camper point out a few pretty notable flaws in the design.

Why Did Airstream Discontinue the Nest? 

The doors and window coverings break easily, and the trailer can’t carry much without overloading. Additionally, it doesn’t come with many bells and whistles to justify the lofty price.

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