The UV Acuva Water Filter: Why We’re Never Going Back

We keep ourselves hydrated, especially during a grueling hike, and you should too. If you’re looking for a water filter to help you stay hydrated, we have one we highly recommend.

Here, we’re sharing our experience with the Acuva water filter and why we’ll never travel without it.

The Acuva water filter is a UV-LED water purification system. It uses high-tech UV-LED technology to destroy bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens in water.

What Is an Acuva Water Filter?

UV water filters are among the best options for creating clean, safe drinking water. You can take your water purification to a new level using a UV water filter.

Do UV Water Filters Really Work?

It’s safe for humans and the environment. The process doesn’t require dangerous chemicals, unlike many other purification methods.

Is It Safe to Drink UV Treated Water?

Kills Viruses and Bacteria Our Acuva water filter kills as close as you can get to 100% of the viruses and bacteria in the water passing through it.

What We Love About the Acuva Water Filter

Another thing we love about the Acuva water filter is that its UV-LED technology doesn’t require you to use harmful chemicals like chlorine or iodine. 

Chemical Free

Requires Electricity Unfortunately, unlike other options, the Acuva water filter requires electricity. For us, we’re using our filter in our truck camper.

What We Don’t Like About the Acuva Water Filter

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