Abandoned Places in Utah You Need to See

Utah is a scenic state you must add to your next road trip. It has something for everyone, including intriguing ghost towns and historic ruins.

Are you ready to see some of the most incredible abandoned places in Utah? We found ten that you need to see. From creepy to oddly artful, you’ll enjoy exploring these places.

Some buildings that were in one family for generations now sit empty because the owners have passed away. Others might be empty due to businesses shutting down and the owners moving on.

Why Did People Abandon These Places in Utah?

Some people believe abandoned places have ghosts. Whether or not ghosts haunt abandoned places in Utah is up to your perspective. It’s a topic with various opinions.

Are Abandoned Places in Utah Haunted?

You can hike to observe the 16-room Anasazi house near Bluff, UT. It’s a beautiful walk with scenic views as you imagine what it would have been like to live there thousands of years ago.

Anasazi Ruins

You can visit the historic mining town and look inside some buildings. The town is open for self-guided tours.

Ophir, Utah

You can visit the town near the Virgin River, south of the boundary of Zion National Park. A group of wood buildings and a well-preserved cemetery with graves dates to the 1860s.

Grafton, Utah

The Beehive Kilns, or Charcoal Kilns, are in the ghost town of Frisco, Utah. Miners opened a silver mine in 1875, and the town was open for only ten years due to a mine collapse.

The Beehive Kilns

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