Is the AAA RV Insurance Any Good?

AAA RV insurance is an insurance policy specifically for RVs. Insurance is always something everybody complains about until they need to use it.

It allows you to travel in your Rv without worrying about putting you and your bank account in danger of a financial disaster.

If you select AAA RV insurance, there are several benefits you can enjoy as a policyholder. Coverages may vary based on your plan or situation.

If you break down, your AAA RV insurance will cover towing up to 100 miles. Unless you’re on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, this will likely be sufficient.


A flat tire can be an incredibly frustrating experience. Depending on where you experience a flat tire and the partnerships AAA has in the area, it could take time for help to arrive.

Flat Tire Service

Running out of fuel can be an irritating and embarrassing mistake. However, with AAA RV insurance, they can deliver fuel for free to help get you to the nearest gas station.

Fuel Delivery

If this happens to you, your AAA RV insurance policy will include up to $100 for Plus RV members and up to $150 if you’re on the Premier RV policy.

Vehicle Locksmith Service

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