7 Best RVs With Murphy Beds

Are you always looking for ways to maximize the space in your RV? An RV Murphy bed is a creative space saver.

It provides you additional room for seating and moving around your camper during the day and a comfortable place to sleep.

Keep reading to learn how to use an RV Murphy bed. We’ll also check out the seven best options on today’s market.

An RV Murphy bed folds up against or into a wall. It can come in any size mattress on a wooden or metal frame that holds the mattress in place for the sleeping position.

What Is an RV Murphy Bed? 

Using an RV Murphy bed is easy. When it’s down, it takes on the shape of a traditional bed. Then, to put the bed up against or into the wall it’s designed to accommodate.

How to Use an RV Murphy Bed?

More RV manufacturers are implementing Murphy beds into their floorplans. Let’s take a look at seven of the best options on the market.

7 Best RVs With Murphy Beds

Leisure Van’s Unity Murphy Bed model is a luxury Class C motorhome. The king-sized RV Murphy bed is one of its stand-out features.

1. Leisure Van Unity Murphy Bed

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