Do They Make Six Door Trucks?

You’ve probably seen your fair share of big trucks, from semi-truck haulers to F-550s. And because RVs keep getting longer and heavier, the trucks towing them are too. But have you ever seen a 6-door truck? 

If you haven’t, it might surprise you that these vehicles exist. Let’s take a closer look at 6-door trucks and why anyone would want one in the first place.

No manufacturers make a 6-door truck. These vehicles are custom-made by other companies specializing in this product type. 

Do Any Manufacturers Make a 6-Door Truck?

Yes, you can. But only from non-manufacturer companies who can custom make your vehicle or produce their own 6-door options. 

Can I Buy a 6-Door Truck?

Many RVers also have multiple pets traveling with them. A 6-door offers a roomier interior space without eliminating the ability to tow a fifth-wheel or travel trailer.

Why Would Someone Buy a 6-Door Truck?

A 6-door truck conversion will be expensive. The custom detail to make the vehicle exactly what you need comes at a price.

What Are the Disadvantages of A 6-Door Truck?

The Extreme 6-door truck option package at Super Truck starts at $187,845. But depending on custom options, you could spend over $200,000.

How Much Is a 6-Door Truck?

The market is so small for that type of vehicle that they’re better off focusing on building electric trucks and strengthening their current lines. 

Will Manufacturers Start to Produce 6-Door Trucks?

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