5 Regrets of RV Camping in a State Park

While people have different camping styles, state park RV camping is one of the most popular.

However, despite all that state parks offer, many people have some regrets about choosing a state park. 

Today we’ll take a look at five of the most common regrets RVers experience at state parks. Let’s get started.

Many state parks have offered camping for decades, meaning many of them can’t accommodate the large RVs we see these days.

Not All State Parks Are Big Rig Friendly


Camping fees and amenities differ from park to park and between states. 

Different States Have Different Fees


Acquiring a reservation can be equally as chaotic for some campgrounds in popular locations. 

Weekends at State Parks Can Be Crazy Busy


The amenities at campsites will vary from park to park. If you expect full hookups at your site, state parks may not be the best option.

Not All State Parks Have Full Hookups


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