5 Costs of RV Ownership You May Not Know About

Buying an RV is an exciting experience. However, the excitement doesn’t end when you roll off the dealership lot with your new RV. 

RVing does come with expenses, but the memories you create when RVing are priceless. 

Before you commit, take a good look at five costs of RV ownership you may not know about. Let’s dive in!

When considering the cost of your RV, don’t forget about taxes and registration. These RV ownership costs depend on your state.

Taxes and Fees


Whether you purchase new or used, things break. It’s a good idea to have a repair budget before hitting the road.

Repair Costs


Unless you travel full time, you’ll need to store your RV when not in use. RV storage costs can vary widely based on location and needs.

Storage Fees


Hitting the open road is exciting! Watching the numbers shoot up in record speed at the fuel pump is a little less exciting.

Fuel and Toll Costs


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