17 Secrets to Avoiding Crowds on a Road Trip

Whether you want to social distance or you just don’t like big groups of people, avoiding crowds on a road trip can significantly improve your experience. 

If you plan a road trip, you don’t have to fight crowds the entire time. We want to share some secrets to help you have an incredible road trip. Let’s take a look.

While it’s not always possible to skip crowds altogether, here are some things you can do to avoid busy locations. Let’s get started!

If you hope to enjoy a location without crowds, you’ll likely be disappointed if you travel during its busiest times. 

Travel During the  Off-Season


Consider planning your drive days for the weekend and entertainment days during the week. This can provide the fewest crowds at the activities that matter most to you.

Travel During the Work Week


Awaking by dawn is a beautiful time to go hiking, watch the sunrise, or go sightseeing without people getting in your way.

Head Out to Popular Locations in the Dawn Hours


Google harnesses data from users who have opted in for giving them access to their location history. 

How to See Most Popular Times of Day to Avoid Them at Locations and Attractions


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