10 Best Teardrop Camper Trailers in 2022

If you’re a weekend warrior trying to travel to remote locations and claim those tiny spots most RVers can’t, a teardrop camper may be your best option. 

The flexibility is one of the biggest draws of a tiny teardrop trailer. But can you really enjoy camping in such a small space?

Let’s look at some of the best options for teardrop campers, and then you can decide if this style of camping is for you. Let’s dive in!

The outdoor kitchen has lots of counter space, a floor-to-ceiling pantry, a residential-style sink, and a two-burner glass top stove. 

Little Guy Max


Named after the small American Pika that lives in the Rocky Mountains, this camper is designed to travel on rough, mountainous terrain.

The Pika by Timberleaf


The F-450 Super Duty can tow about 21,000 to 24,000 pounds. It has a payload capacity of roughly 5,400 to 6,300 pounds.

iCamp Elite


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