RV Protection Jackpot! How To Save Money Before End Of Year Changes

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Save money on rv protection before the end of the year

Just like many important things in your life, taking care of the investment you’ve made in your home-on-wheels is a top priority. Today we’ll be going over RV protection details, timing considerations for the upcoming year, and why it’s so important to make sure you have the best extended warranty. 

Why Buy RV Protection Now?

If you have been putting off purchasing a warranty for your rig, now is the time to seriously consider putting that thought into action. If you own an RV, chances are you know that breakdowns and mechanical failures are bound to happen. They are simply an inevitable part of life on the road! Studies show that 30% of RVs will suffer a major breakdown by the second year on the road. By the fifth year, that number increases to 80%. By the eighth year on the road – nearly every RV will see a catastrophic failure. And while an RV warranty can’t prevent these breakdowns from happening, it can pay for the costly repair bills that accompany them. Having that added financial protection in your back pocket allows you to breathe a little easier, knowing a mechanical failure won’t blow your travel budget.

If you’re considering a policy, we recommend getting a quote from our friends at Wholesale Warranties. They are a leading provider of RV extended warranties, and we like that they’re focused on customer service first. 


If you are thinking RV protection is a good path for you, you may be wondering when to buy. The right time to purchase your policy can largely depend on the type of motorhome or towable RV you have. We’ll break down some things to keep in mind when making your decision. 

End of Year Changes

It’s always best to lock in your RV protection before a new year starts. Here’s why it’s so important: every year on January 1st, the RV industry considers all rigs one year older. As vehicle age is a large component in pricing and eligibility for RV extended warranty coverage, this can result in big changes to the options and pricing available for your coach. 

Keep in mind that online brokers like Wholesale Warranties can offer policies to used units, so you may be eligible even if your unit is older and well-loved.  Generally speaking, motorhomes will be eligible for coverage aged if they are aged 20 model years and newer! If your rig is 16 – 20 model years, you will be limited to powertrain only coverage. For towable RVs, 15 model years and newer can get full, comprehensive coverage! If you’re close to one of these age brackets, you’ll want to lock in coverage before it’s too late.

If you have been on the fence on whether or not to get a policy for your rig, you should know the longer you wait, the more likely you are to see a price increase, shorter-term availability, or even a loss of coverage options altogether.


Additionally, you should be keeping tabs on your RV mileage. This, too, can affect RV protection policy options. The more miles on your rig, the closer you’ll get to the cap where coverage can no longer be offered. For example, almost all comprehensive options stop eligibility at 100k miles, while coach coverage will end at about 125k. This does differ between warranty providers, so make sure you find out what the mileage cap is for the policy you’re considering! Just like vehicle age, mileage is a factor in determining the cost of your policy, so if your odometer is getting up there, consider getting a quote.

RV Protection for Brand New Rigs 

While brand new rigs are generally immune from the end of year pricing changes, timing does play a role in coverage decisions. A big question a lot of RVers have is: should I buy an RV warranty if my rig is brand new, and I have full manufacturer warranty remaining? If you have a new rig, consider these items: expected risk, term options, price changes, and inspection requirements. Simply put, you are welcome to wait, but it might cost you more to get the exact same coverage once your manufacturer’s policy has expired.

A Policy for Your Lifestyle

Before you make a final decision on an extended RV warranty for your home-on-wheels, we’d recommend discussing your options with a Warranty Specialist. They are there to answer your questions and help you customize your policy for your RV lifestyle. Just remember, changes hit January 1st of each new year, so there’s no time like the present to take a look at coverage.

  1. We LOVE Wholesale Warranties! We bought used. I had read some horror stories about buying that way (and won’t do it again…whole different story). After I had done a ton of research, I insisted that we get some sort of warranty to cover us since we were going fulltime. We called Wholesale Warranties and they sent an inspector out who did a full inspection even though we had had one done before buying. He checked everything! He found an issue with the computer board in our fridge (the RV inspector that we paid missed it), made a note of it and said the fridge would be excluded until we had proof of repair. We fixed it, sent in a paid invoice and they sent an email noting the inclusion.
    We’ve been fulltime in the RV for about 1-1/2 years. In that time, they have paid for repairs to the fridge (yes again), replaced the livingroom a/c and replaced the convection/microwave oven. Not once have they refused a claim. The RV techs that have done work for us have been shocked by their response. The young man that came to look at the convection oven said he had never had a company pay for a replacement so we should be prepared to come out of pocket (roughly $700 I think). We’ve been incredibly happy with the coverage and especially happy with their response. They work completely with the repair techs and we simply pay the service call fee.
    And the best part? If we sell the RV before the warranty ends the coverage will be in effect for the next owners for a transfer fee of $50.00! We’ll be able to pass on peace of mind so they can spend their time traveling not worried about any future repairs!

  2. Excellent! I did some research and, as you, chose Wholesale Warranties. I am about to schedule an inspection in a few days. Sounds like a good comany.

  3. Are you discussing extended warranty or RV insurance?
    My MH is 2004 and and is too old for an extended warranty policy.
    I’m planning to insure it through Sams Club in January.

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