RV Masterclass: The Future of RV Education

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RV Masterclass is the newest (and dare I say best?) line of RV related courses. The courses were created to provide thorough, clear, and in-depth knowledge about all things RV related. Whether you’re dreaming about the RV life or already an RVer looking to dip your toes in new experiences (hello, boondocking) RV Masterclass has you covered.

Lack of Education in the RV World

Since 2010, RV sales have consistently increased every year. However, at the end of 2019, it was beginning to look like 2020 sales were going to decrease, then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Now, 2020 has been called “the year of the RV”.

Even though there has been consistent growth of RVers, there has not been much growth in RV education.

While we began RVing in mid 2017, we quickly realized there weren’t a lot of resources out there on RVing that were presented in an educational way. Of course there was Youtube and after hunting around for a bit, we could find what we were looking for.

We actually started our YouTube channel in late 2017 to create content that showcased the “real” side of RVing (aka the unglamorous side) and teach about topics we couldn’t find when we were first starting out.

The Creation of RV Masterclass

Through our YouTube channel, we found a passion for sharing our knowledge. Since 2017, that passion has only intensified and we found fellow RVers with the same passion. Which is exactly why we teamed up with Kyle and Olivia from Drivin’ & Vibin’, and Tom and Caitlin from Mortons on the Move to create RV Masterclass.

Our goal with RV Masterclass is to provide thorough, clear, and in-depth knowledge about all things RV related. We launched RV Masterclass on May 24th, 2020 with three signature courses: RV Buyers Bootcamp, Preparing to Full-Time RV, and Boondocking 101.

RV Masterclass Courses

RV Buyers Bootcamp

This comprehensive course teaches you about RV-types, floor plan advantages, and negotiation strategies. From buying new to restoring a vintage RV, six instructors share their personal experiences and lessons learned so you can buy the RV of your dreams, the first time. We highly recommend RV Buyers Bootcamp to everyone looking to buy their first RV.

The cover art for the RV Buyers Bootcamp course by RV Masterclass.

Preparing to Full-Time RV

This is the ultimate guide to becoming a full-time RV traveler. All of the instructors have personally made the transition to full-time RV life and we these lessons with real-world solutions. Providing timelines and budgeting outlines, the Preparing to Full-Time RV course puts your RV dream into action.

The cover art for the Preparing to Full-Time RV course by RV Masterclass.

Boondocking 101

In this course, we teach you the fundamentals of free camping. Then we dive deep into step-by-step training on how to find the best boondocking sites and the safety strategies we use on the road. If you’ve always wanted to boondocking but didn’t know how or where to start, Boondocking 101 is for you.

The cover art for the Boondocking 101 course by RV Masterclass.

The Signature Bundle

This bundle includes all three courses listed above at the best price possible. If you’re serious about taking your RV education to the next level, enroll in the Signature Bundle now.

The cover art for the Signature Course Bundle by RV Masterclass.

Working with a team of RVers to create the RV Masterclass courses gives each lesson a unique, real-world point of view. The Millers bought a brand new, luxury fifth-wheel. The Morton drove a truck-camper to the Arctic ocean. We renovated a vintage Airstream. These combined experiences, and many others, shape each course to provide wisdom that resonates.”

– Kyle Brady

Meet the Instructors for RV Masterclass

We teamed up with two awesome couples that have been full-time RVing longer than us. We’ve all learned so much from each other and we can’t wait to share it all with you!

The six course instructors for RV Masterclass posed together.

Drivin’ & Vibin’

“We left our hometown in 2015 to explore the US in our vintage Fiber Stream camper. Since then we’ve had some big life changes! We completed a “shell off” renovation to our 1979 Airstream, turning it into an off-grid beast and we welcomed our daughter Nora into the world! RVing has changed the way we experience life and we are thrilled to be sharing our knowledge with you!”

Mortons on the Move

“In September 2015, we gave up the stationary life for one where we are constantly on the move! Our current “home on wheels” is actually our second RV. We started off this adventure thinking that we needed the biggest rig we could get because, after all, we were going to be living in it full time and had a whole house worth of stuff to move into it…or so we thought!

We learned the hard way that bigger isn’t always better, and within a year and a half we were in a different rig—a used 2005 Mobile Suites 33ft fifth wheel—that was much more suited to our travel and lifestyle. We also had the opportunity to experience another RV type and traveled in a new Lance 1172 Truck Camper for the 2019 summer on a 6-month bucket-list trip to northern Canada & Alaska. We’re excited to help you with your own RVing journey!”

Getaway Couple

That’s us! As I said earlier, we hit the road in July 2017. The original plan was to travel the United States for one year with our dog, Carmen. We now have zero plans to stop! The RV lifestyle has been rewarding, challenging, eye-opening, and the experience of a lifetime. Life on the road has changed our perspective on life for the better and we can’t wait to share what we’ve learned with you in RV Masterclass.

Early-Bird Pricing – Expires May 31st

We are currently running early-bird pricing for all three courses and the Signature Bundle. While we plan to continuously update our website with courses, we will not be offering prices like this again!

The three RV Masterclass courses and the Signature Bundle course covers with discounts over them.
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