Preparing to RV Printable Bundle

Finally, modern RV checklists to keep track of tasks, documents, and next steps as you prepare for RV life!

We took over a year to hit the road and at times it felt like total chaos. With this bundle, you wont need to stumble through downsizing your home and the RV selection process like us.

We know from firsthand experience, getting ready to RV is overwhelming, frustrating, and truly makes you question your sanity...

When we were in the thick of it, downsizing our home, selling our possessions, and walking through what felt like thousands of RVs to find that "perfect floor plan" we asked ourselves multiple times "what are we doing?!". 

Looking back to that chapter of our lives, we realize that the stress from starting RV life is inevitable but the additional chaos from being unorganized or scatter brained was self inflicted

We're not the only ones who did it though. 

We've talked to so many people about their journeys to RV life and they did the same things. 

They didn't know where to start, they were unorganized with paperwork, and couldn't remember which RV had what features after looking through so many. 

3 ways we added stress while preparing to RV...

Downsizing Our Home

Getting rid of personal belongings sucks. We didn't have a system in place to get through each room or how to move forward when we got sentimental. 

RV Comparison Shopping

After looking through multiple RVs they all start to blend together. We wasted valuable time looking at some floor plans again because we forgot key information while shopping.

Pre-Delivery Inspection

Looking back, we had no clue what we were doing during our PDI and the generic information online was useless. It was silly to rely on our salesman to assist us and in the end it bit us in the butt.

We took our lessons learned and created this bundle so you don't have to struggle like we did.

Going through the downsizing process, purchasing our first RV, suffering through a 4 hour PDI and frankly, wading through a lot of crap gave us great perspective of what we did wrong.

Hindsight is 20/20 right? 

We have always been organized people and get that satisfactory feeling in our gut when we check off to do lists. So why did this huge chapter in our lives get so jumbled? 

We realize now it was just a lot to do and we didn't have the proper resources. How could we know how to downsize if we've never done it? The same goes for buying an RV and doing a thorough PDI.

After realizing how many other first time RVers went through this same mess, we knew we had to create something for other embarking on this exciting chapter of their lives. 

This is how the Preparing to RV Bundle came to life. 


Preparing to RV Bundle!

The ultimate printable worksheets to help you downsize your home, select the perfect RV, know what to look for in your Pre-Delivery Inspection and stay organized.

Here's What You'll Get:

Downsizing Your Home for RV Life Workbook (7 pages)

RV Shopping Comparison List (3 pages)

RV Essentials Checklist (2 pages)
RV Pre-Delivery Inspection Checklist (6 pages)

RV Warranties Worksheet (1 page)

Blank Calendar (12 pages)

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